Singaporean who badly wanted to pee gets jail time for breaking the door of a bus


A Singaporean man was found guilty for public mischief after he had broken a door of a bus in an attempt to answer nature’s call.

The incident had taken place in the night of 8 June 2016 after the 41-year-old man had boarded the SBS Transit bus from Bedok Interchange.


The man had earlier had a couple of drinks with his wife and friends at a coffeeshop before he found himself unable to hold on to his pee.

According to his lawyer, the man had apparently rung the bell of the bus a few times and had even urged the bus driver to halt the bus before he could relieve himself.

The bus had stopped behind a taxi which was picking up passengers when the incident happened.

According to the bus driver, the bus was unable to move afterwards leading the man to kick at the bus door several times.

Commuters who were in the bus panicked and requested the bus driver to open the front door to let them out.

The man then had alighted the bus and gestured at the bus driver rudely before the driver gave chase to the couple who ran up their flat’s stairs at Bedok North Street 3.

The bus driver then lodged a report to his bus company together with CCTV footage of the incident.

The damage that the man had caused amounted to S$1,298.76.

The Singaporean court sentenced the man to a week in jail starting from 15 October.